Wed. May 18th, 2022

Yesterday the day waa full of happiness and joy all over the world as people were celebrating Christmas. Worldwide people celebrated the day with friends and family. Shauwn Mkhize famously known as Mamkhize celebrated her christmas with family and close friends. She is a South African business tycoon and reality TV star. She is known as the woman who have an expensive taste and love lavish lifestyle.She is one of the women in Mzansi who helping the lives of many people and many people see her as their role model. She is known for being kind hearted and loving.

We all know that Mkhize is a family woman. Besides being the busy business woman she always makes sure that she gets time for her family. Yesterday she hosted a family christmas party where she also invited her close friends. She uploaded pictures on her instagram wishing the public a blissful and merry Christmas. She even posted some of the videos and revealed how her day was like. However after posting pictures people noticed something else that left them talking. It was an all white theme party.

Everyone was wearing white outfits honoring the theme of the party. People were left in disbelief after seeing her son the youngest PSL president Andile Mpisane decided to wear an outfit that is different in colours. He wore black pants and green blazer meanwhile others were wearing white outfits. People were left wondering why he would decide to wear the opposite of what is being said.Also people noiced that his wife was not in the picture and wondered where she was during the christmas party. The two just recently got married last week and their event was attended by hundreds of people to witness their union.

People have been sending messages of congratulations to the couple and wishing them all the best. Even Mamkhize wished the couple all the best of luck in thei marriage. But what happened yesterday really left people confused and having so many questions. They are wondering where she was as it was a family gathering. Share your thoughts and follow for more news.

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