Tue. May 17th, 2022

When talking about a real South African treasure, it is definitely Somizi. One reason as to why Somizi has survived the wrath of this industry, and why the public loves him so much, it is because of how selfless he is, the guy is always giving and in most cases without even expecting anything in return.

When it comes to his friends, he goes all the way out and his support is always phenomenal. The good thing about this is that he does it so loudly for everyone to see and from the third parties, this is so refreshing to see.

Just recently, he was celebrating his birthday and guess what, the drinks that were served were proudly owned by South Africans, his friends. There was Dj Zinhle’s drink, Pearl Thusi’s drink and then finally Cassper’s drink. It did not only end there, he took to Instagram to acknowledge them. Cassper and zinhle couldn’t help but comment on his post, they were filled with happiness and pride. It was not only them who were so proud of him, but the public as well. See the comments below

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