Fri. May 20th, 2022

Celebrities nowadays are beaming with joy in their hearts after some of them found love. Despite being a celebrity,they at some point managed to find the love of their life and they are enjoying the moment to the fullest. Most people would say that they are doing so for clout chasing but it’s very insane for one to play foul with someone else heart for fame or acquire a certain position in society.

Today,we’ll look at five kenyan celebrities who have found love in the year 2021. Despite being a public figure,they got a place to call home in someone’s heart.

1. Dorea Chege

She is popularly known as Maggie Maria from the famous household TV drama series Maria which used to be aired on Citizen Television. She fell in love with a fellow actor Ronald Ndubi from the show and so many people were taken by a surprise after the duo stepped out in public together.

2. Yasmeen Said

She is an award winning actresses from the famous household TV drama series Maria where she used to play the lead role with the name Maria. She is a muslim by culture and despite the restrictions on muslim girls having intimate relationships,she found the love of her life.

3.Nadia Mukami

Nadia is a self renowned kenyan popstar and she confirmed dating fellow artist Arrow Bwoy after they released a song together. Arrow Bwoy even went ahead to surprise Nadia on her birthday.

4.Rev. Lucy Natasha

The renowned bishop recently got engaged to the love of her life in the late November to a fellow bishop Carmel from Canada. Bishop Carmel revealed that he slided into her instagram dm where he shot his shoot and admitted it wasn’t easy wooing her but she finally accepted.

5.Betty Kyallo

The bubbly TV queen revealed to the public on dating lawyer Nick Ndeda when they were on his birthday gateway in Naivasha. Ever,the two have been seen hanging out more often in public places.

We wish them a happy lovelife and a blessed forever after.

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