Mon. May 16th, 2022


Money and power are what Musa Mseleku has as he continues to lead his family of many wives who are starting to cause problems for him, and this time they don’t want him to marry another woman again because of the problems that they might bring on their marriage.

A rich man like Mseleku understand how it feels like to have more woman in the house because they make things easy in the family were they help you to reach your goals fast that you have set during the year, and this time Mseleku won’t enjoy any of this after promising his wife that he won’t marry another woman again.

Polygamy marriage is very challenging looking at how people have been trying to share one man.

Sometimes these women are been abused by their husbands as they make the decisions alone which might lead them on causing more problems in the house.

Mangwabe is a true inspiration to many women that they must stand together and fight for their rights.

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