Tue. May 17th, 2022

Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mam’ Angie Diale

On Thursday, South Africa learnt about the death of television personality and activist Angie Diale.

She was 57-years-old.

Mam’ Angie, as she was affectionately known, died from pneumonia following a short illness.

Mam’ Angie, who is best known for hosting Mzansi Magic’s Please Step In for seven seasons, faced a lot of stigma and discrimination after being diagnosed with HIV shortly after the birth of her son at the turn of the century. However, instead of cowering or feeling sorry for herself, the late presenter faced the stigma head-on and used it to spur her fight against HIV and AIDS discrimination.

As quoted by TimesLive, Angie Diale said,

“I had to face the stigma and discrimination at work after disclosing my status, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go on a journey to educate people about HIV and Aids.”

Did you know that Mam’ Angie, was a qualified nurse? She was an activist who worked very well to purge the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS by educating people across townships. She tried achieving her goal by setting up HIV wellness clinics in various townships around Soweto and in Mpumalanga.

Did you know that Mam’ Angie Diale also established an organisation that catered for HIV-positive and abused young mothers and their children? Through the organisation, the late activist provided shelter for the young women and children while working on long-term solutions for their problems. 

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