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Actress Thuthuka Mthembu plays the role of Nonka on Uzalo; she debuted on the SABC 1 soap opera as a school going teen who visited her brother Njeza in jail, her salary has been revealed.

Nonka on Uzalo

The Nonkanyiso character is Njeza and Mbuso’s sister; she lives in KwaMashu with her aunt MaDongwe and cousin Lily. Theirs is one of looked down upon families in KwaMashu; they live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet. Over the Uzalo storyline, Nonka worked for the Mhlongo’s in the salon with friends Hleziphi and Fikile. She married and divorced Sbonelo to avoid a polygamous marriage; Nonka symbolizes South African young women’s struggle. Her victories onscreen offer a beam of hope to millions off-screen.

Nonka on Uzalo

She enrolled in college at an older age, was discriminated against by classmates, but despite all the challenges, she passed and graduated to give her family hope for a better life.


After surviving a stabbing incident from a loan shark Mathabete, Nonka evicted MaDongwe and Lily from her parent’s house, which she instantly regretted. She approached MaMlambo for a cleansing ceremony to appease her ancestors.

Nonka’s salary on Uzalo

Over the storyline, she established herself as a force to recon; despite the Uzalo role being her first television appearance, Nonka has evolved and perfected her craft while learning from the best.

Nonka's salary on Uzalo
Nonka’s salary on Uzalo: Image Credit @Instagram

Although she plays a role on one of the lowest-paying soap operas, actress Thuthuka Mthembu is mainly interested in the exposure, opportunities and experience than the financial benefit that tags along. She earns R18 000 per month for playing Nonka on Uzalo, the most-watched soapie in South Africa.

Thuthuka Mthembu profile

Thuthuka Mthembu
Thuthuka Mthembu: Image Credit @Instagram

On 28 October 1998 in Joburg and grew up in Durban, she was raised by a single mother who struggled to provide for her daughter but sent her to school. Nonka attended Durban High School and attained a Degree in theatre at the University of KwaZulu Natal; she is currently enrolled at AFDA to study directing and scriptwriting.

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