Tue. May 17th, 2022

Is Makhadzi’s latest Facebook status proof that she and Master KG are back together? This is what social media thinks…

Master KG and Makhadzi

Social media is convinced Master KG and Makhadzi are back together.

This comes after Makhadzi wrote on her Facebook page, ‘I miss my man’ and Master KG responded with an in-love emoji.

Their fans are now convinced they are an item again.

Makhadzi FB Status screenshot
Makhadzi FB Status screenshot

Many of the fans warned Master KG to not break Makhadzi’s heart again. 

Last year, it was rumoured that Master KG was in a relationship with a girl called Queen Lolly while dating Makhadzi. 

New collaboration 

The pair has also released a new song together under Master KG’s new record label, Wanitwa Mos.

The song is titled, ‘Mosadi Wago Nrata’, which translates to ‘the woman who loves me’ and it also features Zanda Zakuza.https://www.youtube.com/embed/xreeD3UvIyE

Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot. 

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