Mon. May 16th, 2022


Since disclosing in 2018 that she had become a traditional healer, Boity Thulo has been candid about her spiritual path. The rapper was often talking about how her spiritual path helped her find her genuine friends in life, but her fans told her that her career and spiritual practice were more important to them than her spiritual practice. I was unsure if I would be able to bring out.

Boity confessed during her interview with Tshisa LIVE that she had not yet practiced as a sangoma.

“I’m a gobela , however I have noteducated yet. It’s not a part of my journey yet. For ancestors, the manner in which ifworks is that you need totake a seat downand begin counseling also consulting. It really is the manner in which they initiate you, and that is how they come to you “she said.

In addition to being a prestigious E! People’s Choice Awards nominee amoungst other greaterhuman beings for her rapping skills. Boity Thulo says she desires tocognizance on constructing a professionwithinside theenjoyment business.

“At this point, it is all profession-based, and my profession is consistent with Ubungoma and has grown wholeheartedly,” she said.

Boity says she’s ready for her ancestors to manual her on theproper time to observe this path. Howeverwhilstit is her time to still be a star she is very grateful to her mother Modiehi Thulo, who’s also a practising sandoma. She also stated that she looks up to her mother for guidance.

“My mom is able to speak to people, as she is the one who took over. She is the adviser, and she receives clients and helps them with consultations. It is phenomenal to see and it is exciting, due to the fact that at the least there is someone I can look to when the time comes … My ancestors placed me on this platform and this is my profession and I supposethey’llinform me when the time comes for me to beginpractising soon.”

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