Fri. May 20th, 2022

In 1991 she made all sorts of headlines when she saw herself being cast in Egoli: The Place of Gold. By then, she was a teen, which was a turning point in her acting career when it came to small screens. She became a big name in stage plays in 1992 as she starred in theatre productions such as Gigi in 1992 and The Revlon Girl.

A few years later, in 1996, she made history when she was cast in television serials: Honeytown and Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. These two home serials offered her an international appreciation. Against the backdrop of her big wins, she played a lead role in Operational Delta in 1997. Years later, she was cast in Scandal.

 Scandal actress Layla 'Natasha Sutherland' (Source Instagram)
Scandal actress Layla ‘Natasha Sutherland’ (Source Instagram)

No doubt she a jack of all trades and master of all. She is a celebrated author and motivational speaker. Her cool has seen her bagging ambassadorial endorsements with South African Beauty brand ‘Placecol’ and ‘DNB’.

Mzansi wondered how old she could be given her illustrious career spanning for decades. Well, the actress is more older than we thought. The 51-year-old actress was born on 20 November 1970 in Durban, South Africa. She happens to be the daughter of choreographers Geoffrey Sutherland and Kenlynn Ashby.

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