Mon. May 16th, 2022

‘The animal gets to spend Christmas with his family’; Lamiez Holworthy said of the Tshego Blackie’s killer who is still at large…

Two weeks after Tshego Blackie was brutally murdered and no action has yet to be taken. That’s the irate response from Lamiez Holworthy who has bemoaned the lack of “justice” in the country.

The Metro FM DJ was heartbroken when her friend and “official photographer” was shot and killed by two men earlier this month.

According to reports, Blackie – who moonlighted as a Bolt driver – was killed after he got into an altercation with two men who scratched his car during a minor accident.

Blackie – who knew the owner of the car, also registered to Bolt – was advised to take a video of the car’s registration and the men who were involved

The owner received the video, but claims his communication went dead with Blackie soon thereafter. Police are now claiming that Blackie was presumably shot and killed by the men, who are still at large.

Rest In Peace Tshego warraa Blackie❤️🕊️🙏

A number of celebs have paid tribute to Blackie in the wake of his death, include MacG of Podcast and Chill, where the photographer also freelanced.

Lamiez – who considered him her “younger brother” – has also spoken out, and is now demanding justice.

She tweeted: “Two weeks after Tshego was brutally murdered and no arrests have been made yet. Like the animal really gets to spend Christmas with his family whilst we mourn our loved one?!

“And yes,everything was caught on camera but nothing! Our justice system? A joke”.

Lamiez Holworthy

She also slammed the South African Police Service and even threw a jab at police minister Bheki Cele.

Responding to a clip of Cele destroying confiscated alcohol, Lamiez added: “All this in a country where my little brother’s killer still hasn’t been found even though the police have a VIDEO of the shooting. Car registration and everything. And I’m expected to believe that this is them doing their jobs?!”

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