Fri. May 20th, 2022

Dineo Ranaka affirms that she will not be ashamed of herself after a video of her lashing out at ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole went viral.

Radio personality Dineo Ranaka affirms that she will not be ashamed of her healing after a video of her angry rant with ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole went viral on Tuesday 21 December.

Metro FM host Dineo Ranaka topped the Twitter trends list after a video of her angry rant went viral on Tuesday 21 December. Dineo lashed out at her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole in the clip as she tells him she used him to heal because she was going through a divorce.

“The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much. I used you to heal. You used people to boost your f*** ego. Grow the f up,” she says.

“Talk about ego, I got a bigger one than yours. Of course you’re going to get anxiety when I wake up and I step presence in your life. ‘Hey Dineo I don’t call you because you give me anxiety’. I’m too big,” she continued.

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Tweeps picked sides with some labelling the radio personality as a verbal abuser. Others praised her. In the aftermath of the video, Dineo shared a TikTok video on Instagram about disrespect.

“HEAR yourself when you say my name, DINEO RANAKA!! Does your soul not move?! Try build your clout on my name… just try! My healing is LOUD! I will NEVER be ashamed! NEVER!” she wrote on Instagram.

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Although some slammed the radio personality for verbal abuse, others thought she was self aware.

“Dineo Ranaka is self aware. She understands what she is and what she carries. And She will never subscribe to any bullshit treatment. She will call you out anytime of the day. And that my dear friend, ……..offends men!” wrote @_kingMufaz.

“I’d love to be in a relationship with a woman like Dineo Ranaka. A woman who’s self-aware is a rare gem,” wrote @uMusa_.

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