Wed. May 18th, 2022

It is necessary for the viewers to react in the way they reacted when it comes to this particular issue, if this was not brought up, it would have seemed like what Abel did was acceptable, in a way.

Now, Abel knows very well why he decided to go to the Mina Nawe House with his girlfriend Koketso. People have had a lot to say about how he treats Koketso, it is almost as if the process is not really a necessity to him.

He is there, and he knows why he is really there, what we know is that, he claims that he wants to fix things, but he does not seem to acknowledge that there is an issue that led to Koketso’s jealousy. They have been on the show for some time, has he really committed himself to what he promised he would do?

Surely, Koketso is not really satisfied and it is unfortunate that she puts all the effort into something that might not work in the end. She even said at the start of the show that, if things do not work out after the boot camp, then they are done.

Not to say Koketso is flawless, she is definitely not and if you have been watching the show for some time, then you would know that, she also needs to work on herself. However, she seems like she is more interested in fighting for the relationship, Abel is just hoping for the best, there is zero effort from his end.

People were not happy with some of the things that Abel did during an activity they were given in the latest episode, there was a lady who came in to teach them more about how they can spice up things in the bedroom.

So, she was showing the ladies how they can dance for their men and Abel barely kept his eyes on Koketso, he was staring at the lady. And that is a problem because it seems like his own girlfriend no longer gives him that spark, it is like he is no longer excited by her.

Another thing that people noticed is that Abel is touchy, even when it comes to other people’s wives and this can easily lead to serious altercations because the other men might confront him if they ever see him doing that again.

With all these things pointed out, it seems like Abel is the one who has to do more to change his ways. There is also the issue of the phone, apparently, he is always on his phone till the early hours of the morning and maybe he would not even focus if they were allowed to have phones in the Mina Nawe House.

But like everyone else in the house, Abel should be given an opportunity to fix his mess, but he also has to be aware of what he does wrong, so that he can make proper adjustments.

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