Tue. May 17th, 2022

Getting dumped is the most incredibly horrible that can happen to anyone. Getting dumped in an extreme and embarrassing way is awful.

Durban based rich youngster Andile Mpisane actually pulled a shocker by trading his kid mother for a model, Tamia Louw.

On Friday Andile Mpisane included in for all intents and purposes generally driving appropriations resulting to deciding to propose to Tamia Louw instead of asking his kid mother for her hand in marriage. Like that was lacking Andile Mpisane’s mother Shawn “MaMkhize” Mkhize would go to help the responsibility.

As shown by emerging reports DJ Sthelo and MaMkhize’s relationship has gotten appalling this comes later the prominent monetary expert mentioned that she void her space inside a month ensuing to hurting the family’s Ferrari. Like that was deficient Shawn Mkhize would go to the degree getting a restricting solicitation against Sthelo Shozi.

Actually it has been represented that DJ Sthelo actually purportedly assaulted Thobeka Majozi who ends up being Casper Nyovest’s kid mother at a gig they actually both went to which was facilitated by Andile Mpisane. Other than it is in like manner uncovered that DJ Sthelo would go to the degree hurting windows which cost R200K to fix.

As demonstrated by late reports during the gig which was held tight the fifteenth of December, Thobeka Majozi, Shaun Stylist and Mathepelo Khoza were the hosts. Other than it has been represented that any similarity to Sphectacular, Daliwonga, Funky QLA, Dladla Mshunqisi and significantly more were among the guest performers during the event.

From disclosures DJ Sthelo and MaMkhize’s relationship has never been going extraordinary as she has never supported her relationship with her youngster. Kicking out DJ Sthelo and getting a controlling solicitation against her is the what tops off an all around beneficial thing the cake. Any sensible individual would concur that it never rains yet it pours for DJ Sthelo.

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