Mon. May 16th, 2022

Such a terrible story, generally when such stories happen we get shocked and ask ourselves why? But honestly, such things do happen, they have been happening since ages ago, they are just horrible that we can’t get used to them.

A concerned or sad Twitter user who goes by the name Lerato takes it to her account sharing with the world that karma does exist and it came for her cousin and her late now-husband, which she stole from her best friend.

Image of Lerato

Lerato’s cousin (The betrayer) stole and destroyed her best friend’s relationship which lasted for 10 years. Her best friend was engaged to this man (The deceased), and they have a child together. But honestly, where one gets the liver of destroying a beautiful union of her best friend? But anyway she did, she just came and betrayed and spoiled her friend’s happiness.

The betrayer and the deceased dated for three months, during the three months they got engaged, and they already had set a date for their wedding day, which was this coming Saturday (25 December 2021) wow on Christmas day, indeed it was a special day for these two love birds who rejoice in someone else tears. 

Sadly things did not go according to their plan, Lerato mentioned that they woke up to sad news last morning, that the stolen man had died in his sleep. It’s true when they say “We plan but God decides for what’s best for us.” This is sad but I only feel sorry for the child who is left fatherless.

By reading Lerato’s tweet you can tell that she was not happy with her cousin’s decision, and she stated that they warned them that their relationship won’t end well because they have hurt someone, another woman is drowning in tears because of their evil decision. Lerato and other were not been invited to the wedding because the betrayer and the deceased think they were being jealous of them by stating the truth.

The post reached many, and they couldn’t hold themselves but to flood her comment section and share their views about the horrible story.

@IAMQuisB “Karma still waiting on the right time to pop up on ya ccousi.” He wrote.

@Skillipeng “God don’t like ugly people.” She wrote.

@Marquis “Death done did them part.” He wrote

@Yams “Ms. Karma really said, “I came to collect before my 45 min paid lunch.” She wrote.

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