Wed. May 18th, 2022

Dineo Ranaka has always taken pride in being a private person, controlling what the public knows about her through what she shares. However, her recent outburst, which exposed her love life, reveals a side of her that has shocked everyone.

Dineo shocked the nation when she revealed that she had married a man named Klaas Pesha 10 months ago. Not only that, but she announced the birth of her third child, who was fathered by Pesha.

She even reintroduced herself as Mrs. Dineo Ranaka-Pesha, confirming her marital status.

Dineo was seen shouting, screaming, and hurling insults at a man named Sechaba Thole in a video shared by the popular Instagram gossip page Maphepha Ndaba.

Thole is thought to be a man she had an affair with after her marriage to Pesha ended. That’s right, Dineo and Klaas Pesha are allegedly no longer married, as she revealed in the video.

Dineo stated that her mental health is the most important to her, and she had to leave a marriage that lasted only a year because she values her sanity above all else.

Dineo insulted Sechaba, saying she used him to heal from her broken marriage with Klaas, in the video, which left a bitter taste in people’s mouths. She even boasted about being bigger and more famous than Thole, claiming that when she wakes up, even Satan gets a headache.

“The problem is that you think you know me and that you know too much,” Dineo explained. “I used you to help heal.” You take advantage of people to inflate your f***n ego. Dineo continued, “Grow up!”

She even boasted about moving people’s souls just by saying her name.

Dineo even boosted her ego by saying Sechaba’s anxiety rises whenever he considers calling her. Dineo explained that it’s because she’s too big for him.

It’s not even about power or celebrity; I work way too hard to be a healthy woman.”

Tweeps even found Thole’s work profile, which shows that he is a chartered accountant with Thole Chartered Accountants.

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