Mon. May 16th, 2022

South African musician Casper Nyovest seems to always be in the spotlight and trending on social media for something he has done, said or is even about to do. He is very vocal and like to let people get in on whats happening in his life, and also likes to post all his achievements, whether big or small on social media.

During the previous week social media was buzzing after the rapper posted that he bought himself a 4 million rand gift, whilst reminding every one that he didn’t even finish his matric, and doesn’t have a matric certificate. A lot of people where impressed with him and his achievements and were praising the fact that he is doing all of this without finishing high school, and he was called an inspiration to other just for this sake.

Even though people were impressed with the rapper, some just did not believe him and were not signing his praises at all. But you know that in the world of social media they could congratulate you one moment, then laugh at you after wards, well thats what happened to Casper after the twittervers notice that when he first posted pictures of him receiving his new car, it was black, but the rapper is now posting pictures of a white McLaren.

Casper being who he is just could not let this slid and just had to set the record straight, so he sent out a twit explaining what the reason that his car is white now, when it was black when he got it. To tell you the truth his explanation left people more confused and with more questions then answers, check out the explanation on the picture below.

Take a look at what people had to say after Cas twitted his explanation.

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