Tue. May 17th, 2022

The Podcast And Chill is a special show worked from the beginning. It’s one of only a handful of exceptional shows where superstars uninhibitedly share their subtleties unfiltered. Many, obviously, are terrified of this as their veritable person blemishes could spoil the appearances they depict to their fans.

Black Coffee won’t show up on MacG‘s Podcast and Chill

An industry companion of AKA told MacG the rapper is frightened of showing up on the show. The moderators were shocked at the disclosure. One more VIP that won’t show up on MacG’s web recording is the unbelievable DJ Black Coffee. As indicated by MacG, he used to be companions with the DJ, attempted to talk with him however fizzled on various events. Black Coffee doesn’t has anything against the show, MacG and his co-have Sol Phenduka, however how much achievement he has could be keeping him from being a visitor. They likewise accept he won’t come as he depicts an alternate way of life from the one he really bears. MacG likewise says Black Coffee would rather not be posed troublesome inquiries about himself.

Sol accepts global DJ would come later the show has more foothold and presumably 500 000 supporters.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest told the public he wouldn’t go to the show since he needs to keep a spotless picture. Outside of his industry public disagreements, the rapper is never in the report about dramatization. He would rather not make hurt his image. Another rapper who’s most probable not to be a visitor on the show is Emtee, the roll-up artist who was once a visitor on the show yet as of late tweeted about the shamefulness of MacG not paying his visitors for appearances, when he’s bringing in cash from the show. Different stars who won’t ever go to the show incorporate Nomuzi Moozlie Mabhena and Dj Euphonik.

Celebs who caused problems later MacG’s Podcast and Chill interviews

MacG has a method of making individuals so agreeable that they let the cat out of the bag on everything, and this has handled a couple of our stars into some genuine high temp water. Jub went to be a visitor on the show and utilized the word ‘ crushed ‘ to depict his previous relations with his ex, Amanda du-Pont. This prompted Amanda openly blaming Jub for misuse, and different ladies approached to have comparative experiences.

Teko Modise likewise talked about his ex dishonestly blaming him for abusive behavior at home previously, and the ex promptly sent him a letter of interest. Natasha Tahane likewise landed herself in major trouble when she was a visitor on the show. Her words involved her as a recipient of the decision party’s debasement perceiving how rapidly she got instructive financing, as ANC’s veteran Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter.

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