Fri. May 20th, 2022

Photo credits :Twitter

In South Africa, we have so many beautiful stories which were influenced by the Social media platforms. Many of these stories they are a clear sign that South Africa is a United country and can achieve so many things through unity. The well known KFC Couple that was blessed by South Africans is still standing strong at this point and time and doing very much well, and more than so many couples you can think of.

When God is planning to bless you, he will do it in a good manner all the times. Sometimes you end up do things not even noticing that it is good directing you to such things in your life, but at the end of realizing the blessings, that’s where everything will be noticed. It its a very much important issue all the times, that’s how we must operate. God must be given praises all the times. That’s how it is.

After a well known couple was spotted proposing each other on the Social media platforms, it created a stir on Social media platforms. To some people it was a laughter of some sort seeing people proposing each other on the social media platforms.

South Africans started an initiative to bless these Couples by all means necessary. So many couples came in Support of these Couples, they gave all they had to ensure that they have a best marriage of their lives. It was a good gifts from South Africans citizens and the practice we must continually adopt.

2 years later of their marriage, the KFC Couple is still standing firm and strong and they are saying that they believe in God and do not need finances to ensure that their marriage remains stable. That’s how they are living at this point and time. Doing their best.

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