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The law is very strict, and not even our favourite ZAlebs are spared by the long arm of the law. Some may have committed small infractions while others committed relatively bigger crimes; either way, the law caught up with them, and they had to pay the penalties.

This is a list of celebrities who have been arrested before:

Jub Jub

We would not do this list justice if we didn’t start with Jub Jub. Molemo was arrested in 2010 when he and his friend caused an accident which resulted in the death of four children, and the brain damage of two others. They were supposedly high on drugs when they went racing near a school which is when it happened.

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The rapper has since reinvented himself as a media personality and become a household name by hosting his reality show, Uyajola 9/9. Although it would seem trouble follows him everywhere, as he has faced a lot of controversy that got him suspended from the show.

Even so, he was doing a great job of reintegrating into the society after being locked up for four years out of the ten he was sentenced to. It remains to be seen whether the latest assault and abuse accusations leveled against him will have any bearing on his freedom.

MacDonald Ndou

The Muvhango star rocked the nation when he was arrested for a long list of charges. He was accused of impersonating a police officer, corruption, extortion and kidnapping, when he and his friends were set up by a businessman from whom they tried to obtain a R100,000 bribe.

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He was provisionally released in 2019 while investigations continued, but his co-conspirators remained in police custody. He has continued with his life like normal since, and he even got married, with he and his wife clocking two years in 2021.

Black Coffee

The award winning international DJ has not been spared by the law either. He was arrested for speeding on 24th December 2015, as he was driving 80km/h over the speed limit. Although he didn’t spend long in prison, it was enough to soil his record.

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He later explained that he was rushing home to spend time with his family. We get it, Black Coffee, it was Christmas Eve. But that is no excuse to endanger yourself and others, is it? They need you alive.

Trevor Noah

He is now a global superstar, but we bet many of you had no idea Trevor Noah has a turbulent history with the law. He was arrested as a teenager, and spent a week in jail before being released on bail.

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He had been accused of stealing a car when he was caught driving a junk automobile he took from his step father’s workshop.


Sipho Charles Ndlovu, aka Brickz, was arrested in 2017 and found guilty of rape. After dragging through the courts for four years, his niece’s accusations against him were declared founded. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In 2020, he tried to appeal his sentence. He was released briefly on bail for the duration of his appeal, but he lost so he went back to prison to finish out his sentence.

David Sebe

There must be something in the Muvhango water, because this actor also found himself in trouble with the law. He was at the centre of multiple crimes when someone stole his identity and committed rape and many breakins.

He was brought in by the police for the crimes, but it wasn’t long before the truth came out. He was subsequently released and went around asking his fans to provide the police with any information they had on the identity thief, and hoping that the case would be resolved soon.

As we have learned from most of the ZAlebs on this list, getting arrested is not a life sentence. Well, unless it’s literally a life sentence. But some of the ZAlebs on this list have shown us that it is possible to reinvent yourself and have a full life after incarceration, and that is truly inspiring!

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