Fri. May 20th, 2022

It’s so sad that Andile Mpisane The Soccer club owner his mom Mamkhize still takes decisions for him. No truth can be hidden forever. You can see the real Couples but in the recent one, it’s like someone was being forced to do what he was appointed to do.

The truth at the end shows itself. Mamkhize fulfills her desire with her Son, Andile he is one of the guys who is on headlines with what he used to do in Mzansi. This Family is so rich at times you can even see that most of their fortune they spend it on their wants, not on the needs

Andile with her newly wife face some challenges in no time because Tamia is being known and sithelo got pays for what a file is busy doing. May the members of the family help him because if he can’t stand for himself his mom will live her life through him.



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