Wed. May 18th, 2022
  • The end of the year is fast approaching and peeps are counting down until they can take leave – Terry Pheto seems to be one of them
  • The actress has announced the official change of “king regards” with “asbonge” when ending off emails during the festive season
  • Terry started a whole trend on social media with peeps switching up the work lingo with phrases that are better suited for that December feeling

Terry Pheto is officially a trendsetter in the Twitter streets. The media personality has begun a whole change in office lingo to fit the festive season and the tweeps are 100% here for it.

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Terry Pheto has declared official office lingo changes in line with Dezemba vibes. Image: @terrypheto

Terry Pheto has deemed herself the office lingo consultant of December 2021. The actress hopped onto Twitter to share the most appropriate replacement for the popular email sign off “kind regards”. What better way to sprinkle some festivity than to write “asbonge” instead?

The peeps definitely understood the assignment as they joined in on the professional jargon substitutions.

@Chopsta_001 wrote:

“Danko… Thank you.”

@Maselelo_Kgoale tweeted:

“Hibiri – I’m out.”

@MsBee_Phakati said:

“I’m tempted to do this pls Terry.”

Trending moments like these come few and far between for Terry Pheto as she does not often put herself in the spotlight and earlier this year, TimesLIVE reported that the award-winning actress was put right in the middle of the spotlight by her amazing band of girlfriends to celebrate her 40th birthday in style.

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