Fri. May 20th, 2022

Following Royal AM chief Andile Mpisane‘s startling association with Tamia Louw on Friday 17 December, Mzansi is convinced she is pregnant anyway her alleged alcohol usage has left Tweeps jumbled.

Andile Mpisane paralyzed Mzansi when he proclaimed that he is secured to Tamia Louw on Friday 17 December. This is because somewhat few realized that the pair were together going before the responsibility.

Many acknowledged Andile was engaged with his “youngster mother” Sithelo Shozi. Veritable friendship certified that the Royal AM chief is in all honesty hitched to Tamia.

21-year-old Sithelo and 20-year-old Andile have two children together anyway Tweeps thought Tamia was expecting moreover. This was later well known Instagram page The Popcorn Room guessed that the new woman of great importance may be pregnant.

Tweeps expect the model is pregnant with twins.

“Obviously Tamia is similarly pregnant. Why when Sithelo got pregnant did he not propose? People directly following fearing God. Fear Andile Mpisane,” formed @Chanelbaghabits.

Andile and Tamia evidently applauded their responsibility which was in this manner revealed to be their marriage – in Tanzania. Tweeps raced to see that Tamia was drinking what emits an impression of being alcohol and tended to whether or not she is in all honesty pregnant.

The Royal AM chairman was spotted with a holder of Moet and Chandon. Research…

Tweeps in the comments region were examining Tamia drinking while expected to be pregnant.

“Isn’t Tamia pregnant? Why is she drinking champagne?” made @AboshNayo.

“Tamia is drinking while pregnant?” made @KutlwanoKgwele.

While others were examining Andile showing his money with “champagne showers.”

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