Tue. May 17th, 2022

Hip Hop artist Cassper Nyovest has just fired back at the director of The Orchard Nota Baloyi for claiming he doesn’t own the McLaren he recently bought. Cassper tweeted about people who are jealous of him. He said they should focus that energy on learning from him to learn to better their lives. Cassper also mentioned that he is number one in the game, and there is not a single person who does it like him. He said that people would assume it was a sponsorship on the day he purchased a private jet or any other type of plane. Although Cassper didn’t tag Nota, we can see who is being fired.

Cassper's message to Nota
Cassper’s message to Nota

because Nota was the one to assume Cassper is a car dealerships ambassador publicly.

Nota and Cassper’s relationship.

Both men are in the entertainment industry. Nota used to make music as a rapper but swiftly decided to be on the managerial side of the industry and told the public he’s aspiring to be South Africa’s, P. Diddy. Cassper, on the other hand, is a rapper and Family Tree record label owner. This is not the first time the two men have clashed publically. In June and July 2021, Cassper called Nota irresistible and reckless because he tweets whatever he feels. Cassper also commented on Stogie T and Nota’s physical altercation. Cassper thought their fight was pointless and suggested that they settle their differences in the ring that way, their match could also generate some money. When Cassper bought his car as a pre-birthday gift to himself, Nota accused Cassper of not being as rich as he pretends to be. Nota also called Cassper an ambassador and said he wasn’t financially able to purchase the car.

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