Fri. May 20th, 2022

A video recently emerged online of Kamo Mphela getting physical with a fan who touched her at a concert, and tweeps are applauding her for enforcing her boundaries like a boss.

According to the tweep who shared the video, the fan had groped Kamo Mphela’s backside, which is why she got angry and slapped him. But as other tweeps have been watching the video on closed inspection, it seems like that was not the case. He pulled her hair, did not touch her behind as earlier alleged.

Either way, though, tweeps are happy for her for standing up for herself. On that, many seem to agree that it does not matter whether he touched her behind or pulled her hair, the principle remains the same. He invaded her personal space without her permission, and as such, her reaction is completely warranted.

In fact, many fans have said the single slap she laid on him was not enough, she should have probably kicked him. Others have advised her and other female performers to start carrying pepper spray to their events to deal with such unwanted advances.

The dancer’s fans are further enraged that something like that would happen on her bodyguards’ watch. They are wondering what his role was, since he can be seen standing around, and only goes to follow the man after Kamo had slapped him and he was hiding in the audience.

Anybody who has followed Kamo knows that she is not the one to be messed with, and slapping that wayward fan is completely on brand for her. After all, the singer is probably the only ZAleb to ever get an apology from Slik Talk.

She first came into his line of sight after she insulted him when he attacked Uncle Waffles. As Slik Talk dragged the young DJ in his usual fashion, Kamo came to her defense and called him a waste of sperm.

In response, the YouTuber body shamed Kamo Mphela to the point where he insinuated that she was pregnant. “You no longer fit the profile to wear a crop top. Your body no longer qualifies you to wear a crop top. You’re embarrassing yourself showing your love handles and your belly,” he said.

It is still unclear what happened to give the YouTuber a change of heart, as he came back only days later to apologise to her, while simultaneously dragging Cassper Nyovest and calling him a female who does not deserve his respect.

Naturally, fans were shook that Kamo got an apology. Slik’s entire reputation is based on saying mean things about ZAlebs and never taking them, so tweeps immediately wanted to know what Kamo did to get the apology.

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It is possible that Slik Talk just had a moment with his conscience in which he saw Kamo Mphela for the unproblematic queen she is, hence his apology. And if that was the case, it was rightfully so. Kamo is exactly who she thinks she is, and it is time for Mzansi to wake up to that fact.

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