Tue. May 17th, 2022

Simphiwe Nhlangulela is a South African singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name Simmy.

Simmy doesn’t only have a beautiful voice but also she is physically appealing in person , with the body to match her voice.

Simmy recently uploaded her photo and captioned I “Tugela Fairy” ,which is in reference to her last year’s debute album ,take a look at the post.

As usual we are going to take a look at the comments ,bare in mind that Simmy uploaded her photo in reference to her recent album “Tugela Fairies” ,so let’s see what the twitter users have to say about “Tugela Fairies”.

It seems like that picture was of simmy’s recent live performance , for “Tugela Fairies” ,as we can see from the comments section ,as some of the people where present.

Other comments took it upon themselves to display their love for the South African singer Simmy.

That’s all we have for the beautiful Simmy ,is there anything you would like to add ?


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