Wed. May 18th, 2022


Shimza announced on his Twitter page that he will be joining Cassper on Saturday night in Jozi on one of the biggest events, in the town which has won the hearts of music lovers in the city after the hard lockdown rules that were implemented by the President last year in March.

Cassper also hosted one of the successful events during the week of the ballistos where he launch one of his brands in the country, which has got people talking during the festive season where many were left happy as they celebrate the festive season in different styles that got people together.

Shimza is capable of bringing more fun to the country on every event that he plays which makes people dance all over the night.

It’s amazing to see Dj Shimza sharing one stage with Nyovest because they pull one of the biggest performances that anyone can dream of, because Of the music that they make.

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