Tue. May 24th, 2022

When a person gets married, a lot of things happen in his or her life. Rather of prioritizing yourself, you accommodate your partner or family as a whole. You no longer do things for yourself, but for everyone in your immediate vicinity.

In addition, there are several types of spouses. There are those who like to work for their families while their wives stay at home, and then there are those who prefer to have independent women who can take care of themselves.

Because their spouses were not comfortable, the wives of the following celebrities were forced to curtail part of their work.

Sonia Mbele

The actress and writer was married to Leslie Sedibe, who was a businessman and the Chief executive officer of Leslie Sedibe Inc Attorneys when she passed away. Sonia was portraying the part of Ntombi in the SABC1 serial Generations at that time. Ntombi was married to Sbusiso Dlomo at the time of his death (played by Menzi Ngubane). Many spectators were captivated by the two performers’ on-screen chemistry. They became closer as a result of their collaboration and eventually formed a friendship. Sonia eventually resigned her position, and she recently said that Leslie was uncomfortable with her Generations persona and her closeness to her colleague while they were still legally married.

Enhle Mbali

The success of Enhle’s acting career had been growing before to her marriage. After her marriage, she mysteriously quit acting and began to devote more time to her other occupations. She claims that black coffee has prevented her from landing jobs and increasing her money flow. The actress claims that the internationally known musician felt uncomfortable with her shooting love sequences alongside other actors. The pair recently divorced, and Enhle has returned to the big screen to play herself.

Mercy Johnson

The Nollywood actress is married to Prince Okojie, who is also a Nollywood actor. The pair married the marriage in 2011, and Mercy was already well-known in the industry as an actress. Mercy said in an interview that she had to quit doing some acting jobs after getting married since they made her spouse feel uncomfortable and sad. This was particularly true of parts with romantic overtones. Lately the actress has been included in most comedic movies.

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