Tue. May 17th, 2022

It is indeed true when they say as people we prefer different things from one another, same applies to priorities. After winning a car and R1 Million rand cash, what would you think of buying with your money? Surely the majority of people would think of starting up a new business or buy a new house. Buying a ne car would be the last option, because you already have one, remember that R1 Million is not a lot of money.

The South African Idols season 17 winner; Berenike Trytsman stage name; Berry has just bought herself a new fancy car (Renault). She shared the news on Instagram, she shared her pictures where by she is standing next to her new car at the Renault Garage. The caption of the post reads: “Another dream come true😭❤️ my God is a God of miracles! Thank you Jesus for all these blessings”

I heard someone saying, “Berry should have bought herself a new house, instead of something she already has (car). Well that’s actually what she prefers, she knows what she is doing, all we have to do is to congratulate her, just as others did. Remember that it is her money after all, and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Fans were so happy for her, congratulating her and complementing her new car. The comments were like: 

“Congratulations lovely! So gorgeous!”

“Congratulations Mabherana”

“This is an early Christmas gift”

Anyway, check out the comments on the link below:

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