Tue. May 24th, 2022

Just over a week after a showdown ensued among Jub Jub and Amanda du-Pont because of MacG’s podcast, some other showdown is brewing among former fans Teko Modise and Lizelle Tabane.

On Monday, Tabane served Modise with a letter of call for which she also shared on her Instagram profile.

According to the letter drafted by way of Manala & Co. Incorporated, Tabane finds the claims Modise made on MacG’s podcast episode, published on nine December, irresponsible and insensitive, in particular all through a time that the u . S . Turned into imagined to be watching a duration of 16 Days of Activism against Abuse.

“It is common cause that you publicly made allegations that our client had made false claims about the attack you meted out on her all through June 2014 at your residence in Willowbrook Estate, Ruimsig.”

The letter went on to consider the events around the time Modise allegedly abused Tabane, which reportedly ended with participants of the South Africa Police Service (Saps) convincing Tabane no longer to press expenses against her then-fiancé due to his reputation as a public figure.

That Teko Modise story about his ex female friend/spouse pulling vintage abuse pictures from her beyond dating to border Teko as an abuser is pathetic. Women are depraved on occasion.#podcastandchillwithmacg %.Twitter.Com/t908RbKWYb— Shasha (@Nuscher_M) December 9, 2021

“As a result of the attack, our patron suffered bruises on her neck (from choking), swollen lips, chipped teeth and a bruised eye and nose.”

The letter in addition alleged that Modise paid for Tabane’s dental consultation to take care of her chipped enamel and attended to her injuries with a view to minimise their appearance beforehand of her first day of work at a brand new job.

Teko Modise’s ex girlfriend tried to tarnish his name with abuse pix she had before— #BaxterOut ❤✌???????? (@Bravopedi_) December nine, 2021

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