Fri. May 20th, 2022

Maybe, sometimes it is best that MaKhumalo removes herself from drama that does not involve her, but she cannot, that is MaKhumalo for you, she constantly feels the need to look out for the next person.One thing about MaKhumalo, she has always aired out her opinions and that is how it should be, she might not be directly affected by the matter regarding MaCele and MaNgwabe, but she is somewhat connected to these two people.She just wanted peace and that makes perfect sense because if a family is on a trip to have fun, there should not be any unnecessary fights going on amongst adults.

Now, some thought that MaKhumalo does not see anything wrong with crossing boundaries, and it is a bit tricky because had she not tried to do something, some people would still find a reason to bash her. And MaKhumalo did mention as she was trying to help out that, she does not want to get involved too much because she might be left alone in the whole mess.

As for Mseleku and MaYeni, they were not interested in whatever that was going on, so MaCele and MaNgwabe had to solve their issues on their own, even MaKhumalo eventually removed herself from the whole thing.

According to MaKhumalo, there was a need for someone else to be involved because a small issue tends to escalate quickly, especially if the two people who are fighting are not willing to meet half way. It is a good thing that MaKhumalo did not try to do anything herself, what she did was to call Mseleku and tell him that he has to do something.

This was because MaKhumalo seemed genuinely concerned about her sister wives’ relationship, but she was mostly concerned about the kids, as she put it, if nothing was done, the kids would have noticed that something was wrong and that would have ruined the trip for them.

However, MaCele and MaNgwabe ended up talking during some dinner preparation and it seems like they are good, at least for now. For MaKhumalo, some of her supporters were advising her to take a step back before someone reminds her that she does not have kids.

Now, this is a bit insensitive, but when things get heated, anything can be said and MaKhumalo never really wants to find herself in that kind of situation for obvious reasons.

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