Tue. May 17th, 2022

Musa Mseluku never ceases to amaze

us. Have you see what his requires is for next week episode. It hard to be in a polygamy marriage. If you are watching #Uthandonesthembu you will understand what is happening inside couple who are married.
In next week episode Musa is the reason why Mbali is behaving the way she is. He promise Mbali something when they are together which is something we don’t not know. Many fans has been saying Musa have promised to marry her and that he will never take another wife.
MaNgwabe is over protective of her children especially the younger one. Ive never seen her speak/interacting with anyone. She also makes certain hand movements that raise a concern. That’s probably why MaNgwabe is always in a bad mood and seemingly half happy. Given the snippet of next week’s episode I think mseleku promised mangwabe that she’ll be the last one.
Musa has been going on on the last episodes that he want to take another wife and no one has been siding with him. Musa is asking his four wife’s if he could have a girlfriend since they all refusing to give him their blessings to take wife number 5.
In next episode which was shown after the end of last night episode we seen Musa asking his four wife’s to allow him to have a girlfriend.With caption: “Seeing that I’m not getting permission to marry wife number 5, then maybe I’ll just have a girlfriend. ” He said. It too painful when it comes to MaKhumalo because she does not have kids of her own.
On top of that he also want to take wife number 5 from the Khumalo family. His claiming that he want to grow his family name. I strongly believe that MaKhumalo is such an amazing woman and deserves a man that will love her enough to go the IVF route so she can be a mother.
I think uMseleku thinks Unity means Perfection kanti no family is perfect. Wherever there are human beings there will be drama. Even worse when they are sharing a man. Mangwabe is right the problem in this marriage is Mseleku he must be neutral and must not take one side of the story. He must get both sides of the story and not take sides.

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