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Kelly Khumalo May Be Charged With Senzo Meyiwa's Murder And Defeating Ends Of Justice-SurgeZirc SA
Senzo Meyiwa And Kelly Khumalo

The murder case of former Orlando Pirate goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa who was Kelly Khumalo’s boyfriend has taken an interesting turn.

The footballer who was married was gunned down seven years ago at the singer’s Vosloorus house in 2014. His murder case has been a difficult one to solve with his family suspecting that the police are trying to shield the real suspect(s).

Now, there have been new developments that might see Kelly serving jail time. She could be charged with defeating the ends of justice that is if the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) decides to charge her after the outcome of a pending court case.

This is according to correspondence sent by the NPA’s Gauteng deputy director of public prosecutions Advocate George Baloyi to Advocate Malesela Teffo, who has been appointed to conduct a watching brief by the Meyiwa family.

So far five suspects – Muzikawukhulelwa S’Tembu Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokoziseni Ziphozonke Maphisa and Sifisokuhle Sifiso Nkani Ntuli – have been arrested and are scheduled to appear in court in April.

Advocate Teffo was arrested twice in the past few weeks on unrelated matters and according to him, his arrests were part of a police plan to force him to end his brief with the Meyiwa family and discourage him from providing his services to police officers who had been charged by the department.


He claimed that the case against Khumalo was filed in Vosloorus in 2019, but that it was overturned after a new team of investigators took over Meyiwa’s case.

This allegedly occurred shortly before an NPA prosecutor presented the case against Khumalo and other witnesses who were in the house at the time of Meyiwa’s shooting in court.


However, it has been claimed that when the new team took over and began the murder investigation, the charge of defeating the ends of justice against Khumalo and others was overlooked.

Magdalene Moonsamy, Khumalo’s legal representative, confirmed that Teffo had contacted her firm while he was detained. When he entered the Gauteng provincial police offices last year to represent one of his clients in arbitration, he was arrested for trespassing and assault.

Moonsamy stated that she had asked Teffo, who “alleged to be an advocate,” to put the issues he raised in writing, and that he had refused. She stated that her firm was unaware of the case against Khumalo.

“I spoke to Kelly and I sent Patricia [Mashale] to Moonsamy. She responded to Patricia. The reason I couldn’t follow it up was that I was under arrest,” he said.

He insisted that the police botched Meyiwa’s case. He stated that there were seven witnesses in Khumalo’s home who would be charged not only with defeating the ends of justice but also with murder.

Baloyi acknowledged receiving Teffo’s letter dated November 14 in a letter dated November 17 sent to Teffo, which SurgeZirc SA has seen. Baloyi stated that his office had previously responded to Teffo’s request for the case to be registered on the court roll.

The previous response, Baloyi wrote, indicated that there was a “very experienced prosecuting team that has been through evidence in both dockets [Meyiwa’s murder and the case against Khumalo and others] with a fine-tooth comb”.

Baloyi stated that the team believed there was objective, credible, admissible, and relevant evidence in the murder docket, and that a conviction was likely. “After finalisation of the trial in respect of the murder docket and with the benefit of credibility findings of the witnesses by the trial court, the docket of defeating the ends of justice will be evaluated afresh to decide whether a prosecution should be instituted,” Baloyi wrote.

Meanwhile, Meyiwa’s brother, Sifiso, maintained this week that the family was not convinced that the suspects facing trial were responsible for Senzo’s murder.

“The people who are arrested aren’t involved. These policemen are trying to cover up for someone. They’re not interested in finding the truth. They know the truth. They just want to close this case. They’re protecting someone we know, but I won’t mention the name.

“We’ve got evidence of defeating the ends of justice. We know who shot my brother. That’s why we’re saying that those people aren’t the right suspects. We know who the right suspect is.”

The same allegation appears in Teffo’s dossier to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Teffo claimed in the dossier that a brigadier, whose name City Press knows, got rid of two senior officers in the Meyiwa case.

He went on to say that it was a “fact that the current suspects in the late Senzo Meyiwa’s case are innocent” and that there were plans to “scare him by unlawful arrests.”

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