Tue. May 17th, 2022
Boity and Somizi
Many of our favourite celebrities would probably still have that star quality without social media, but we are glad we don’t have to find out. These ZAlebs have us eating out of the palms of their hands, and they know it. 
Fans are glad to get a glimpse into the daily lives of all their faves, and we know we couldn’t handle that pressure. Which is why we have to take our hats off to the celebrities who have managed to turn their online following into a family. These ZAlebs own social media, and we are not complaining.

Boity Thulo

Is there any doubt that Boity is the online queen of Mzansi? Every post Boity makes on either of her social media platforms basically goes viral, and we definitely see why. She also shares just enough of her private life online for fans to feel a personal connection, but will hardly ever post anything that could be embarrassing.

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In short, Boity has mastered the art of using social media to stay close to the fans, and sis should write a book on it. We won’t give names, but we know a few celebrities who may need those pointers. 

Instagram followers: 5.2M+ 

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Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is second only to Boity in terms of social media presence. And to prove that Cass is a legend at the online game, he has built a following both on Instagram and Twitter, which is no easy feat to accomplish.

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While his Instagram following is significantly larger than his Twitter following, the latter is where he gets to connet with fans more frequently, in random conversation. It is where he is able to summon his legion to his defense when he is attacked, like it happened with that Slik Talk beef.

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Instagram followers: 5.1M+ 


Makhadzi is genuinely the sweetest, and we love that her fans see the same in her. She often goes online to share her career journey with her fans. She has cultivated a massive following, particularly on Facebook, and her fans are ready to ride or die for her any time. 
She also regularly expresses her love for the fans, like when she dedicates her awards to them, knowing that she probably wouldn’t get that far without loyal fans. It’s a no brainer why her fans are so loyal, because that relationship is adorable. 
Facebook Followers: 4.8M+ 
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Bonang Matheba

Bonang initially understood that she needed a niche to build a social media following, and yes she understood the assignment. Bonang has cemented her place as a fashion icon, and anyone with any sense of style would follow her religiously online. We know we do!

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Instagram followers: 4.5M+

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Minnie Dlamini-Jones

Minnie considers herself South Africa’s diamond, and we agree. How else would you explain the love her fans and followers have for her, other than that she is an absolute gem?

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Minnie has shared so many of her personal big moments with fans that they are deeply invested in her life. From her singlehood, to getting married, to having her baby, to vacations… it is no wonder that she has such loyal supporters online. 
Instagram followers: 4.4M+

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Somizi Mhlongo

If Boity is the queen of social media, then Somizi is definitely the king. He knows how to catch the eye, and he extends this skill to his digital space. His stunning looks, his witty comments and captions, his vulnerable moments… these are all reasons that Somizi has the most loving fanbase online.

Seriously, if you want to prove it, try going after him and see if you last 30 minutes without being destroyed. And his events sell out within minutes of announcement, so you know his fans act in real time too.

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Instagram followers: 4.3M+

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Pearl Thusi 

If there is a ZAleb who knows how to show up and show out, it’s Pearl Thusi. Her Instagram page is everything we aspire to. And like Cass, she engages fans in regular conversation on Twitter. Her rants, especially, have made her seem way more accessible and loveable, and it is no wonder she dominates social media.

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Instagram followers: 4.2M+

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DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle deserves all the flowers for multiple reasons. First, she mastered the social media game and immediately put her daughter Kairo on. Yes, a six year old is making more from social media than many of us make from our day jobs.

Second, she has successfully monetized her social media, and uses it to push multiple revenue streams. In how many languages can you say “boss babe”?

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Instagram followers: 4.1M+

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There are probably a few faves that we may have left out, because our ZAlebs know how to have social media impact. This list recognizes those who have been able to make an online impact so big that they convinced more than 4 million people to follow them, which is no small feat. 

We love to see them use wisdom to turn the virtual love into real-world support and cold hard cash. As we take notes, we can only stan their hardwork and dedication that has got them where they are. 

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