Wed. May 18th, 2022

Times are tough and it’s hard to find a job this day, and the most painful thing is that even people we call friends will never help us as they probably think we’re are competing with them. It’s not everyone that you look at wishes good things for you. But instead, some people are jealous of the little that you have, and some of them will do everything in their power to make sure they destroy it. Or take it away from you.

Some friends work in high positions at work, who have friends who don’t work. And they would rather make them do something in return for them to give them that job. But they will rather make you do something that will make them give you that job, or they take something close to your heart. Or go behind your back to get it, and make sure they do get it.

man in pain shared what his girlfriend did with his friend, just to make sure he has a better future. Below is what the guy wrote please read:

This is a painful story like any other woman this lady did what she thought was best but little did she know that it will backfire. Now she might lose what she has trying to protect it.

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Some people on social media are against what she did but to be honest, anyone would have done the same thing. I think what made this man angry is that the person who did this is his friend the person he probably trusts with his life and also confided in him about every including when he had problems finding a job.

He probably even confided in him and told him his life is though he doesn’t have a job, instead of giving him that job he had to sleep with his woman for him to give him that job.

One thing about men is that they cheat but they don’t want to be cheated on, more especially by the woman they say they love. That thing will bruce their ego forever. And that’s probably the reason why he’s so broken and confused.

Some people on social media are saying they would leave that job but we all know that’s ego and pride speaking but if they were in his position they would have done something else like maybe leave the relationship and stay in that job. Because no one wants poverty.

If you were the guy what would you do?

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