Tue. May 24th, 2022

We could be getting closer to finding out who the so called “wife number five” is and because we have been waiting for so long, the revelation might be a shocker to a lot of people. Viewers should expect to witness more of the discussions about the incoming Khumalo girlfriend.

As we all know, people have been referring to Mseleku’s girlfriend as wife number five and this is because that is likely to happen. If things get serious and Mseleku sees a need to make his Khumalo girlfriend a wife, then that is something that he will eventually do.

He is a polygamist, it is not clear why some people are still surprised that this is what he has to do for him to get more children. And this might have been the plan all along, if you remember, Mseleku had mentioned that, the Khumalo girlfriend will be known as his official girlfriend and nothing more.

But, like with a lot of things, Mseleku can always change his mind, which is not a bad thing, the problem is that, he was probably not being honest with his wives.

However, we are yet to see if this is really how things will unfold, maybe the girlfriend might end up not marrying Mseleku for one reason or another. As for the negotiations, there are a lot of things that have not been addressed in a manner which brings everyone together.

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The last thing that Mseleku would want is for his wives to constantly disagree on things that could be dealt with from the start. Maybe it is best that Mseleku talks about how everything will work out, especially with MaKhumalo because it seems like she is the one who is mostly affected by this decision.

And judging by how she has been acting, it seems like she has been left out, she was not the first one to be told about the Khumalo girlfriend matter. It also seems like she has not really gotten that much time to think about what all of this means for her and her future as a Mseleku wife.

She kind of gave Mseleku, the “go-ahead” regarding the girlfriend thing and this did not sit well with a lot of her supporters who have been feeling like she is being mistreated by her husband.

People mentioned how she is letting Mseleku slide, and they probably thought that MaKhumalo would tell Mseleku where to get off and leave the marriage. But that is not how it works in the real world, she will not give up on her polygamist husband because he is doing something that was expected of him.

Maybe this sends a strong message to those who have been fighting for her on social media, week in and week out, maybe it is best that people understand that, MaKhumalo is a grown woman who is very much capable of making her own decisions.

Surely, the support is appreciated, that goes without saying, MaKhumalo loves her supporters so much and she has proven this so many times.

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