Fri. May 20th, 2022

Thembi talking about mix-breeds as if she’s not talking to Abantu.

“I want to emphasize that to everyone, my child is not Black.”

“Ancestors Seek Permission From God To Assist Us…”Just From That Statement,I Hope Some Christians Will Stop Referring Ancestors ‘Demons’

The ancestors of the lady, after asking he why she’s not happy. That quick NO. He’s definitely doing something bad to her. She’s just afraid to say it. This man is abusing her, that No was too quick ngeke idlozi the ancestors could have saw something that the lady is hiding. The way she responded… Raises an eye brow. Imagine being abused in your own country by someone using a deactivated surname. The #Dlozlami ancestors dealing with home affairs matters and open borders policy this is deep.

Country is better, imagen being owned and controlled by people who stole the whole the country and continent? Today we’re using deactivated economy where we’re mere consumers. Amadlozi are not stupid. If they see violence they see violence. The way this sis was defensive but she is now speaking in riddles playing games with ancestors. If they see trouble why can’t she admit na? She admits then at the end of the day the cameras leave and she’s in trouble with her husband. She tried to maintain peace.

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“Many people are walking around with deactivated surnames, that’s why they aren’t getting jobs.” – Thembi Nyathi

Thembi computer was malfunctioning today. Sibanda is not a Zulu surname. I also picked that up. Today’s reading was definitely a miss. Even that guy was left disgruntled and l think just was respected her enough not to embarrass her and tell her the things she was saying were not true. Surnames that need the swim swap for them to continue working in the next generations. “Deactivated Surname” might be the cause of many problems in our lives. That guy knows where he bought surname Even home affairs knows his isiZulu and English tone mm? And he looks very rude and cruel.

All your ancestors are your angels. The angels are always related to our bloodline. And angels are the people who touched us, who fed us, who knew what we wanted in life. Don’t have it confused. Angels are within your DNAs. – sis Thembi #Dlozlami

#Dlozlami I don’t think the father is racist. I think this lady is busy doing rituals that her ancestors do not recognise and she doesn’t want to tell the truth. That is why the father is furious and reminding her that it is not their way of doing things

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