Tue. May 17th, 2022
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The year 2021 was not the best one for a lot of people including Somizi Mhlongo but he is not letting his hardships get to him. The star is about to close the year off on a bang and with his pockets full.

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Somizi celebrates being fully booked for the rest of 2021 and is so grateful for that. “Not taking any more bookings. God you remain God thank Thokozani (bogogo namakhehla) grandma and grandparents. Thank you to all for the love. 2021 was supposed to kill some of us but because we serve a God that doesn’t eat achaar still we rise, and we never walk alone.

“Looking forward to 2022 and beyond with its own challenges and triumphs. For as long we are still breathing we keep pushing and staying in our own lanes running our own race at our own pace.”

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His Twitter followers would have also gotten to hear this powerful message but they bullied him to the point where he stayed off the app for a while. He went completely MIA after trolls bullied his marriage with Mohale Motaung.

The bullying proved to be too much for Somizi who deleted the app. He returned months later remind tweeps that they are super toxic and is fine without them.

“Wooo hayi its been peaceful without this app… I guess I’m either not strong or some people here are as toxic as f**k…to those that are kind you know where to find me… I love you but I’m too blessed for the toxicity here,” he said. “All I’m saying is….andizi apha shemmmm bekumnandi maan when I took a break bye love you.”

Speaking about this troubling phenomenon of bullying is Lady Du who said she checks up on her industry peers once in a while because the hurtful comments does get to them.

“Ok ok, I’ve been seeing sooo many people go through sooo much because of cyber bullying. one thing about me, I make sure I check up on all my friends and colleagues in the piano industry. Guys your negative comments affect people, we know the country is going through a lot nje, but can we must learn to be sensitive towards other people, I watched a video of a girl body shaming someone I know. It hurt me like they were saying it to me. Ncela Ning mamele kahle (please listen to me properly),” she said.

“You are beautiful the way you are, God made you in his image, if you start feeling like you’re not beautiful because of someone else that means you don’t think you’re beautiful yourself. I tell all my friends all the time, umzimba wam uyinto engiyiyo mina, kiss kiss yam eyam, ngapha ngizthandela ukudla (My body is what I have, I love my knock knees and eating a lot).

“I love myself sooo much I don’t get hurt by a comment from someone that doesn’t even know me or even put food on my table. Learn to fill yourself with sooo much love that anything negative boosts your confidence even more because it means uyabanyisa babes!!!! Remember this, a dog does not bark if the car isn’t moving. Love yourself just the way you are.” she continued.

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