Tue. May 17th, 2022

Many people believe that the reason certain people aren’t glowing isn’t because they’re ugly; rather, it’s because they’re broke. Money is extremely strong, and it has the ability to drastically alter someone’s physical look. Many people who started up impoverished and later become wealthy experience such a dramatic turnaround.

Having no money might make someone appear bad, even if they are not really that bad. Being poor can cause your skin to become dull and unappealing. However, when money is present, a person’s appearance alters owing to affordability and the capacity to purchase attractive clothes and use beauty products.

Many celebrities who grew up poor do not appear the same as they did before they became wealthy. The majority of them have improved their complexion and overall outlook as a result of the money they receive from their performances and celebrity status.

In that regard, Kelly Khumalo is one of the people who has radically transformed from how she looked previously to how she is now. Prior to fame and fortune, she was of a darker complexion, and her skin and beauty were not as good as they are now.

Before and After

Even though she may have bleached her skin, she still looks wonderful, and when compared to how she looked back then, one can truly attest that she should thank God for blessing.

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Kelly khumalo before money and fame.

Kelly before and after money and fame.

Author Opinion

It is true that individuals are not truly ugly; they are simply impoverished. Kelly khumalo’s appearance is an inspiration to many people who believe that hard work may actually pay off in terms of appearance.

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