Fri. May 20th, 2022

We are living in a world where the food we eat has complicated our lives. The things that we consume also damage our bodies. There are so many different diseases that are just being discovered now, and most of them are caused by the food that we eat. Other than that, we are fighting a pandemic that has been taking the lives of our loved ones, the Corona Virus. In order to survive this virus, one has to be fit and keep their body strong so that the virus cannot kill them. All over social media, people are advised to eat healthily and practice hygienic habits. 

For the past few months, there has been a heavenly sent prophet who has been helping people fight diseases through Twitter. He is well known as the famous prophet or prophet Rhadebe. This man has helped so many people through social media. Many people started trusting his abilities after he predicted the death of Shona Ferguson.

Recently, the famous prophet is back with another eye-opening prophecy. He is wasting parents’ time by not allowing their kids to eat McDonald’s food because it is not good for their health given the situation that we are fighting a pandemic. He went on to say that parents should ensure that their kids are eating healthily.

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