Mon. May 16th, 2022

Things are starting to be difficult for Nhlamulo this day after he has just met the guy that he betrayed earlier this year so that he can get his freedom of getting out from prison, and it looks like the guy is out to seek revenge on Nhlamulo by causing havoc on his life which might be bad for him.

Will Mdala act fast on Nhlamulo or he will take time before he tells him about what has happened because he is the mastermind on the burning of the coding school, which has left the young with many questions that need answers because he saw that guy was there that day.

Lindiwe is also in trouble at work and she will look to get a new job fast or come with a plan that can help her if she loses her job.

Mdala might use this opportunity to manipulate her fast to cause a fight between her and her husband.

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