Mon. May 16th, 2022

Makhadzi the queen of venda that goes with no question she’s is the queen in the game the songs she sings and the stamina she has its unquestionable. She is fully booked for the remainder days 0f 2021 and she is performing greatly and whole heartedly, she was recently booked at her home place just around Malavuwe where its located at venda.

She went there with her team to the Marshal resort her and her dancing Limpopo boys they seem to be the package, and she can never go anywhere without them if it’s about performing.

On their way to the stage just like everyday she has people trying to hug her or scream her name she is makhadzi she is unbearable fans who love her.

The only problem was that there is a video posted on twitter of Makhadzi with her team and then, the bodyguard was carrying a rather big scary gun. The video was taken by a fan as she just wanted to have a video 9f makhadzi but the guy with the big gun, really scared them.

Here are some screenshots 0f the pictures from the video 0f the guy carrying the big gun and tailing behind makhadzi with it.

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Fans were amazed and wondering as to when did makhadzi need a security guard like that with such a machine? Is it right for her to be walking with such a guy scaring fans?

It sure seems makhadzi’s fame needs protection.

Here are some of the comments from twitter after the video was posted on twitter.

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