Tue. May 17th, 2022

Famous maskindi artist, Khuzani Mpungose accused of rape.

The gloves are off as maskandi craftsman Khuzani Mpungose makes a legitimate move against previous Ukhozi FM moderator Ngizwe Mchunu.

This comes later Ngizwe posted a video on Facebook blaming Khuzani for legally defined sexual assault.

Size guaranteed the episode, including a 14-year-old young lady, occurred at Khuzani’s home in Nkandla, KZN.

In the video, he says: “He assaulted a 14-year-old young lady for five days. I advised him to hand himself over to the police since I was unable to keep supporting him.

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“He would not do as such and from that point, I began separating myself from him. This issue is broadly known at Nkandla. Indeed, even his family and government authorities know about this. At the point when I learned of this occurrence, I quickly needed equity for the young lady, and I additionally profited myself as a state observer.”

“At the point when he joined the music business, I gave him all my help.

“I even ensured he won honors. As a rule, he didn’t merit those honors,” he said.

“I did this since he is capable and I needed him to be a major maskandi brand.

“My technique worked because he acquired prevalence, which is the thing that we needed.”

The allegation irritated Khuzani, who served Ngizwe with a letter of interest provoking him to give confirmation of the charge or face lawful activity.

Khuzani anyway said Ngizwe expected to take responsibility for his activities.

“He additionally needs to take responsibility for the fights among myself and Mthandeni.

“He is the one causing ill will among us and thus, individuals have passed on,” he said.

Ngizwe was drawn closer for input, however, requested that the SunTeam get back to later.

He didn’t reply

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