Tue. May 17th, 2022

l slept with various big artists in order to have my breakthrough into the music industry

GA Masemola -Tshimollo comfort Masemola aged 24,born in Ga Masemola Limpopo province but bred in mamelodi

Affectionately know by her stage name xigubu SA the dynamite vocalist started her music career in 2014 when she worked with famous kala jazzmee”record label and recorded her first song with Dj bucks.

Xigubu Broke her silence on social media when she spoke about how she had slept with very big Gurus in music industry in order for her to make it to the top.

Xigubu says she decided to come out in order to alert and warn young upcoming female artist and vocalist about the predators who will promise them big pie in various Industries if they sleep with them.

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Further more,she believed them because they were big unfortunately ,she feels used and also regrets sleeping with them for fame and breakthrough.

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