Mon. May 16th, 2022

Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, professionally known as Gigi Lamayne, is a South African multi- award winning Hip Hop Artist, musician and a poet. She is one of South Africa’s talented female hip hop artist of all times.

Gigi Lamayne says, ‘I am an ugly girl and an easy target.’

Gigi Lamayne has put to social media a content that her fans did not approve. She has went to social media to reveal that she was ugly girl and an easy target.

This post caused turmoil on the comment section as her fans and supporters disagreed with the statement. A fan stated that she was the most beautiful woman in South African Hip Hop. Another supporter stated that Gigi was that cherry on top of the cake. That was because her natural and untouched body is 10/10, face, poise, class, education and anything else are a 10/10.

It seems like Gigi Lamayne’s fans do not give in to what Gigi leads them to believe. True fans. Let’s hope Gigi will feel happy and beautiful. It is a process.

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