Fri. May 20th, 2022

Makhadzi is unquestionably the musician of the moment locally and regionally. Like other celebrities, she has rags to riches story to tell; before becoming the celebrity she is today, Makhadzi was a street dancer.

However, she has turned her rags lifestyle into a luxurious one through her hard work as a musician. Makhadzi’s fancy lifestyle at the moment is a result of her hard work; she has had her hands in numerous businesses and is raking her big bucks. Below is the expensive lifestyle of Makhadzi Muimbi.

Makadzi Muimbi is a 25 years old South African musician famously known as a Matorokisi hitmaker. The musician was not born into wealth, but she has to create a name for herself in the competitive entertainment world.

Even though Makhadzi has from rags to riches story, the musician is educated and has a public relations degree. She was born and bred in Limpopo Province in the rural areas. Like others before her, she debuted in the entertainment industry as a street dancer under the Mikirikiri dance group. Favour located her, and a studio owner spotted her talent, which was the beginning of her career.

Makhadzi Muimbi
Makhadzi Muimbi: Image source @Instagram

We can all agree that Makhadzi has rocked this year inside and out. She became a household name after she released her hit song Matorokisi. After her song went viral worldwide, Makhadzi became unstoppable as she realised hits after hits. She currently made headlines when she won 3 awards at the AFRIMA this year.

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The expensive lifestyle of Makhadzi Muimbi

Not so long ago, Makhadzi caused controversy on social media when she posted pictures and videos of a new luxurious house she bought for her mother. With the blessing of her mother; she has become more famous and wealthy than ever before. Makhadzi recently launched a Kokovha sneaker line.

Makhadzi Muimbi
Makhadzi Muimbi: Image source @Instagram

Like other celebrities, she has built a luxurious house for herself, costing more than R1.9 million. The musician has a fleet of luxurious cars in her name. She owns a luxury car Maserati which costs more than R 2 million, and she is currently dicing a red Mercedes Benz. Makhadzi Muimbi is also a generous lady who gives out donations to less privileged people.

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