Tue. May 24th, 2022

Durban- Like father like son, now that say is true , considering what is happening in the family of the famous polygamist who is a TV star and a business man.

Although his marriage is on the rocks as we have reported that one of the wives is considering on leaving the polygamous marriage.

Another wife is also planning to leave as they are not allowing their husband to take the fifth wife despite other two wives having no problem with that. These two has stated that they will leave the marriage should their husband go ahead with taking the fifth wife.

Now Musa Mseleku, the star in the reality TV show, Uthando Nesthembu on Mzansi Magic, seems to have influenced his son into following in his footsteps of taking a polygamy.

We have reported here in Mzansi Celebrity News © last month that his son, Mpumelelo Mseleku who is 20 years old, is planning on taking two wives.

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As it is, he has a child with one of his girlfriends while he is also dating the other woman. He told publications that both of his girlfriends know each other and they have no problem that he is dating both of them.

Mpumelelo, who is a Moroka Swallows player said that he has been dating these two ladies for the past two years and now he is making preparations to marry them. He added by saying that he has met their families and also introduced them to his family, the Mseleku. Effectively, they are both fiancees as he says.

The mother of his child, Vuyokazi, is living in Cape town while the other girlfriend, Nompumelelo is living in Durban.

He said that during this festive season, he is planning on spending time with them both as it will be the for first time they meet in person.

Mpumelelo confirmed that indeed the weddings will take place soon although he hasn’t paid lobola but he has already discussed it with his father, Musa and he is saving as much as he cannot

Their agreement with his father is that he will pay a certain portions towards lobola and he will pay a certain portion.

During the latest episode of this show, Musa hinted that Mpumelelo was ready to get married especially now that he has a child already. He said he is actually happy that he is getting married young as this will give him time to make more babies, raise them and grow with them.

source: https://www.dailysun.co.za/Celebs/musa-mselekus-son-planning-to-marry-two-girlfriends-20211213

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