Tue. May 17th, 2022

As good as being in a relationship, have been over since for all young and old. Truth is now that we are living in times wereby people are being used and things are being loved when all that should have been happening visa versa, Truth is maintaining a relationship this day’s has recently become something which needs one to have money since a lot of ladies love it and some of them has now gone as far as introducing this whole girlfriend allowance thing.

Well although this entire girlfriend allowance thing has been introduced without a certain amount of cash which is a fixed amount to be paid when 1 is paying the allowance, Truth is people have been paying amount less than 50k to their so-called slay queen girlfriend’s, Well as much as people have been paying that much and a lot of people has been quite and worryless about that there’s certain leaked chats making rounds online exposing a massive amount a guy paid as girlfriend allowance which shook almost everyone who came across it.

Refer to the screenshot attached below to see how much a guy paid.

So now take a look at what people had said regarding this guy paying that much.

So now with all that being said and everything being the way it is regarding this whole girlfriend allowance what is it that you have to say,Do you think it is necessary to pay the so called girlfriend allowance ? I mean romantic relationships should have always been about love and affection but money is now dragged and in most cases if one does not pay this allowance they get dumped.

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So now looking at this whole girlfriend allowance thing it is as good as paying a lady some monthly installments so they can stay in a romantic relationship with you. So now from your perspectives do you think that all this is necessary,

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