Mon. May 16th, 2022

In the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, MaKhumalo finally got to sit down and speak with her husband Musa Mseleku about his intentions to marry a woman with not only her surname but her sister. Musa himself has not attempted to speak about this issue himself with MaKhumalo.

The issue that MaKhumalo has is the fact that he may have told MaMkhulu about this because he wants her to give him the go-ahead, this can mean that MaKhumalo’s say is not really that important to him.

Now, Musa is left in a predicament and does not know how to really tell MaKhumalo that he wants to preserve the Khumalo family name.

“MaKhumalo will not refuse simply because she has the power to do so, but she will also refuse because that person will be here to preserve the Khumalo family, so she feels that she has the right to weigh in on the matter”, Musa said on the reality show.

Musa also said that his problem is that he cannot tell MaKhumalo his intentions about his girlfriend who uses MaKhumalo’s surname before he could tell his darling first wife. However, MaKhumalo said that come rain or thunder, Musa will not marry another MaKhumalo before consulting with her because she is related to her.

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“It does not matter how you look at it, any Khumalo is family to me so there is no way that you would marry my sister. Bring both Khumalo families together, and it has to be a surprise to me”, MaKhumalo said.

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